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MTN Joyous Celebration Share Your Light

Share Your Light on JoyousTV and you could be the newest band member!

Aspirant and talented musicians who play an instrument have an opportunity to join the MTN Joyous Celebration band.

Key Considerations:

All entrants: must submit a video where they are playing a Joyous song – this can be any Joyous song.

Pianists: They should audition with piano only and no other additional instruments or accompaniment but can however audition with a singer (not mandatory), so judges can get a feel of how they accompany a vocalist / singer.

Other instruments: They can utilise a keyboard or a backing track as accompaniment provided it is soft enough to enable the instrument of choice / being auditioned to be clearly audible Imperative for audio of the instrument being auditioned for and with to be clear enough for judges to hear and evaluate.

Video File Submissions: Please ensure to name the file name of the video, to your name and surname. Video file name example: MyName-MySurname-video.mov or  MyName-MySurname-video.Mp4

How to Enter:

MTN Joyous Celebration